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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Saber Hussein
United Arab Emirates University, UAE

Best Student Paper

Ms. Dinara Talgarbayeva
JSC “National Center of Space Research and Technology” SLLP “Institute of Ionosphere”, Kazakhstan

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Mrinal Kanti Mukherjee
India School of Mines, India

Best Student Paper

Numair Siddiqui
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia

Best Paper Awards 2014

Best Research Paper

Prof. Dr. Eddy Subroto
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Best Student Paper

Ida Herawati
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Prior Year's Accepted Papers

2016  2015 2014 2013 2012

2015 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI
 Relation between seismodynamics properties with different tectonics structures in the upper crust of Eastern Turkey  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.3
 Exploration of Gravity Anomaly After The Land Subsidence in Ramkhamhaeng University, Prachinburi Campus  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.6
 Improved Seismic Imaging through Prestack Depth Migration using Synthetic Seismic data  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.7
 Review of the Status quo of Unconventional oil and gas Exploration and Development  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.29
 Analytical Study of Bacfilling Injection, into Over-cutting Area of a Deep Pipe Jacking, to Improve Surrounding Soil  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.30
 Fuzzy Logic Application to Shear Strength of Soils And Carbonate Compensation Depth In Marine Environment  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.32
 Linear Regression Approach for Porosity and Permeability Calculations from Well Logs: A Case Study in NW Bonaparte Basin, Australia  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.33
 Comparing Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Soil Layer from Sag Pond near Lembang Fault, West Java, Indonesia  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.35
 Semiquantitative and Quantitative Biostratigraphy for Correlation and Depositional Environment Analysis Case Study Kedinding Hill Area, Blora, Central Java  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.36
 Modeling of Littoral Sandstone Reveal Variance in Reservoir Flow Patterns: A Case Study of Onshore Nyalau Formation, Borneo  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.37
 Potassic magmatism in southern Ghana: inference from geochemistry of the Palaeoproterozoic “Banso-type” granitoids  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.38
 Deformation scenario, and metamorphism of the Mesoproterozoic cover rocks of the Kaladgi basin, southwestern India  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.40
 Geochemical and Geotectonical Features of Maden Complex (Eastern Taurus-Turkey)  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.42
 Molecular Statistical Thermodynamics to Model Quartz Solubility in Ultra High-Enthalpy Geothermal Systems  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.44
 Biostratigraphy of Kuldana Formation, Choregali Pass, Khair-e-Murat Area, Northern Pakistan  10.5176/2251-3353_GEOS15.47

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